Introduction to Electrical Engineering Drafting and Design

Introduction Engineering Drafting & Design For Electrical System Drafters and Designers.

Before we jump into Autocad tutorial we must first of all understand engineering drafting and design concepts. though the purpose of this site is for people that want to major or improve their performance in electrical system design, and instrucment and process design (P&ID). However the overall Autocad tutorial is for all autocad knowldege seekers.But the design principle and theory will be electrical for now.

  What is Drafting and Design Engineering? 
Drafting and Design Engineering is an exciting career that allows the engineer to be involved in all stages of the design process, from conception to presentation of the finished plans. It requires a working knowledge of drafting and design principles, material types and properties, and manufacturing processes.

There are two major stages involved in electrical system design:
 *Conceptual Design
 * Detailed Design 
 Conceptual design stages
 * Process and load data 
* Suitable configuration 
* Power source and System voltages 
Detailed Design stages are: 
* One Line Diagram 
* System Studies 
* Equipment sizing 
* Grounding and lighting systems 
* System protection Jobs of Electrical Drafters and Designers.

 Electrical Drafting and design engineers prepare electrical or digital drawings, diagrams or blueprints and/or models of various electrical systems or structures to guide product makers, architects or construction personnel, and other engineers involve in engineering jobs in the manufacture, implementation or building process. They often use computer-aided drafting (CAD) and/or computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) software, drafting and design engineers provide the vital link between design theory and practical application by translating critical design concepts into workable plans for tangible, buildable electrical and instrument, mechanical and architectural end-products.

 Drafting and design engineers create the designs and sketch out the detailed plans for construction projects such as commercial, industrial, residential building, turbine, and a wide variety of manufactured products (automobiles, airplanes, computers and heating and air conditioning systems, (HVAC), Lighting, loads etc. 

How to Become a Electrical Drafting and Design Engineer  

Candidates for this field can either begin by seeking professional certification as a drafting and design technologist, CAD Operator and later move on to an engineering degree program.
 Jobs Opportunities for Electrical Drafting and Design Engineers. There are many jobs opportunities in manufacturing industries, Airport, Shipping and maritime sectors, and most especially in oil and gas sectors who highly need the services of an electrical Drafters and Designers. Drafters and designer can be self employ and also work as a consultant to engineering firms.







ØSimplicity of operation

ØVoltage regulation


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